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General Rules

Please find below a list of the Guilsfield Show general rules.  Agreement with the rules is a condition of entry.

1. The Committee shall appoint judges whose decision will be final.

2. Any Exhibitor obtaining a Prize fraudulently will forfeit the whole of the prizes awarded to him.

3. Objections to be laid before the Secretary in writing on the day of the Show, but in the event of the objection being as to the age or height of an animal it must be lodged with the Secretary within one hour of the event on the day.

4. The objector shall deposit £25 with the Secretary and this sum will be forfeited should the objection be considered frivolous.

5. Should any objection arise either on the rules or wording of any Class, the committee’s decision shall be final.

6. No account against the Committee shall be recognised unless authorised by the Secretary in writing.

7. In all Classes the exhibit must have been the bona-fide property of the exhibitor for at least two months prior to the day of the Show.

8. The Committee do not hold themselves responsible for any damage done to exhibits but all possible care will be taken.

9. No sheep can be entered in more than one class except in special classes.

10. It is the Stewards’ prerogative to cancel or amalgamate a class if there are insufficient entries.

11. Only Official Stewards are allowed in the marquee during judging.

12. All entries to be set up in the Marquee by 10.15.

13. Marquee entries to be displayed until 5.00 and removed by 5.30.

14. All entries to close as per entry forms.

15. Horse entries may be made through Horse Monkey, by post or on the day.

16. Winners of Cups and Trophies are responsible for their safe keeping and insurance.

17. Riding hats to British Standard specification must be worn at all times when mounted.

18. Horses and ponies must not be left unattended when tied outside lorries and trailers.

19. Attendants with animals shall be under the orders of the Show Stewards.

20. No horse or pony under 4 years of age may be shown in the ridden classes.

21. Whilst the Society will ensure that it takes all reasonable steps to prevent injury to persons or property neither the Society nor its Officers or servants will accept responsibility for injury to persons or property caused by third parties who act in breach of the terms of this safety policy or are caused by persons or objects outside the control of the Society.

22. All competitors are expected to sign on their entry form that they have read, understood and agree to abide by these rules.

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