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Entries to:  Hugh Williams, Ger-y-nant, Glyndwr Crescent, Guilsfield, SY21 9QA or can be left at Hardings and the Bottom Shop

Entries Close: Tuesday 1 August (adult classes) Entries in advance or on the day (children’s classes)

Judges: Mr and Mrs D Perry

Prizes: 1st £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1 (adults)

1st £1.50, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p (children)



  • All entries must be setup in the marquee between 8.15am and 10.15am

  • All entries must be removed from the marquee between 5.00pm and 5.30pm

  • No one employing a full time gardener can compete in any class

  • All children’s class entries, must be setup by the child entering the class

  • There is no limit to the number of entries in each class

  • Entries for Open Classes cannot be accepted on the day and must be made in advance

Children’s Horticulture

  1. Cress or beansprouts grown in a yoghurt pot (7 years and under)

  2. Three summer vegetables suitable for a salad (12 years and under)

  3. A collection of four own grown vegetables (12 years and under)

  4. A vegetable monster (12 years and under)

  5. A herb grown in a pot (age 12-16 years)

  6. Three summer vegetables suitable for a salad (age 12-16 years)


Family Competition

  1. Potatoes grown in a bucket.Any growing medium, but potatoes and bucket MUST be purchased from Hardings Londis, Groes to make sure size of bucket and variety of potatoes are the same.Potatoes to be entered, still growing and labelled with the entrants name.At the show they will be tipped out and weighed – heaviest weight wins.Entrants will get their potatoes and bucket back.

  2. Any four types of vegetables.One or more examples of each type.Vegetables judged on health and vigour.


The Little Cup – presented by Mrs June Little to the best newcomer entry in class 8. Cup is for newcomers only, entrants of any age are welcome


Open Horticulture

  1. 5 White potatoes

  2. 5 Coloured potatoes

  3. 4 Onions grown from sets

  4. 4 Onions grown from seeds

  5. 9 Shallots

  6. 9 Pods of peas

  7. Collection of herbs in a small container

  8. 6 Runner beans

  9. 3 Courgettes not to exceed 6 inches

  10. 6 Broad beans

  11. 3 Carrots – long (tops trimmed to no longer than 4 inches in length)

  12. 3 Carrots – short (tops trimmed to no longer than 4 inches in length)

  13. 3 Parsnips (tops trimmed to no longer than 4 inches in length)

  14. 3 Beetroots – rounds (tops trimmed to no longer than 4 inches in length)

  15. 2 Cucumbers (indoor)

  16. 2 Lettuces with roots left on

  17. 1 Cabbage with roots left on

  18. 5 Cooking apples

  19. 5 Dessert apples

  20. 2 Leeks

  21. 1 truss of Cherry tomatoes

  22. 5 Tomatoes

  23. 5 chilli or sweet peppers (any variety)

  24. Heaviest vegetable marrow

  25. Collection of any four varieties of soft fruit

  26. Basket of mixed garden produce

  27. Three Rhubarb stems

  28. A collection of 4 vegetables to consist of not less than 4 specimens of each and 2 distinct kinds of flowers (confined to exhibitors residing within a 2 mile radius of Guilsfield Church)


Perpetual Challenge Bowl presented by R J H Cooke to the winner of Class 36.

Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by Mr M Watson-Smyth will be awarded to the competitor gaining the most points in the Horticulture section.

Points will be awarded as follows:  1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point

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