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Handicrafts, Photography and Art



Entries to Mrs Liz Kneale, Oak Cottage, Groeslwyd, Welshpool

or leave at Hardings (Londis) Garden Centre or The Bottom Shop Guilsfield

All entries set up by 10.30am and removed between 5.00pm & 5.30pm

Entries close Monday 1st August 2022 - No entries on the day

No More Than 2 Entries per Class per Person

Judge: Ann Tudor       

Entries in Classes 1-7 must not have been previously shown at Guilsfield Show

Entry Fee 25p Prizes 1st £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1


Class 1.                 A knitted soft toy.

Class 2.                 A hand decorated bottle.

Class 3.                 A brooch – any medium.

Class 4.                 Machine sewing - make and decorate a tote bag.

Class 5.                 A greeting’s card.

Class 6.                 A knitted/crochet garment.

Class 7.                 A household item made using recycled materials – please include description/photo of what you have used.


A PERPETUAL CUP presented by Mrs D Evans and the late Mr G Evans of Trawscoed Farm in memory of their parents will be awarded for the most points in Classes 1-7 Present Holder: Sienna Williams

Points awarded as follows – 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point



Judge: Mr Chris Evans

All photographs to be mounted but not behind glass

Entry Fee Adults 25p Children Free

Prizes 1st £1.50, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p



Class 8.                 Farming.

Class 9.                 A baby.


A PERPETUAL CUP presented by Jeff & Maureen Davies, Llys Helig, Guilsfield will be awarded for the most points in classes 8 & 9 Present Holder: Rob Spragg



Class 10.               Movement.

Class 11.               Colour.


A PERPETUAL CUP presented by Mr C Evans, Guilsfield will be awarded for the most points in Classes 10 and 11 Present Holder: Victor Meredith



Judge: Mrs Liz Pritchard

Entry Fee 25p     Prizes 1st £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1


Class 12.               Painting of a canal – any medium.

Class 13.               Drawing/Painting representing one of the Seasons.

A TROPHY will be awarded to the best entry on Classes 12 & 13

Present Holder: Sienna Williams




Judge: Mrs Liz Pritchard

No Entry Fee                       Prizes 1st £1.50, 2nd £1.00, 3rd 50p

Entries can be on the day.

Please make sure your name, age and address is firmly attached to each entry

Points 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point

THE HOPSON AWARD will be given for outstanding effort in the Children’s Craft Section. Present Holder:  Guilsfield Brownies

A Trophy will be awarded to the winner of each section    


High School - Trophy Holder: Sienna Williams

Class 14.              A set of 4 coasters – any medium.

Class 15.               A Soap caving.

Class 16.               An item using wool.

Years 5 & 6 - Trophy Holder: Marnie Neville-Howard

Class 17.               A key ring.

Class 18.               A Sporting Collage.

Class 19.               Shadow photography.

Class 20.               A piece of Pop Art – style of the 60’s.

Years 3 & 4 - Trophy Holder: Eve Langford

Class 21.               Design a Roman Shield.

Class 22.               Something made from hot beads.

Class 23.               Painting of a landscape or local landmark.

Class 24.               Using textiles create an animal you would find in a Rainforest.

 Years 1 & 2 - Trophy Holder: Ameerah Willaims

Class 25.               Computer picture -The Great Fire of London.

Class 26.               Make something using a plastic bottle.

Class 27.               Painting of a Castle.

Nursery/Reception - Trophy Holder: Grace Lloyd

Class 28.               3D junk model of an animal.

Class 29.               Collage of a jungle animal.

Class 30.               Butterfly/caterpillar – any medium.

Pre School - Trophy Holder: Nancy Rodgers

Class 31.               Vegetable Art.

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