Cookery: Mrs. Kathleen Harvey & Mrs. Ros Roberts

Honey: Mr. David Morris.

All entries to be set up by 10.15 am on show day. Entries to be removed between 5.00 and 5.30pm.

Entries by 5th August to Mrs Sheila Morgan, Oakfields, Guilsfield

Entry Fee: 25p Prizes 1st £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1


A PERPETUAL SILVER ROSE BOWL for the most points in classes 1-12

Present Holder: Marguerite Williams

A PERPETUAL CUP presented by Mr Ian Hughes for the most points in the preserve section classes 16 -23

Present Holder: Charlie Smith

A PERPETUAL CUP presented by Mr Reg Davies in memory of the late Mr & Mrs J E Evans for the best exhibit in classes 1-23

Present Holder: Elaine Richards

A PERPETUAL TROPHY Given in memory of Bert and Iris Jones Tirnewydd for the most points in classes 13-15.

Present Holder: Stephen Mathieson

A SPECIAL PRIZE for the winner of Class 7 & Class 11


Class 1. Victoria Sandwich with a twist (any flavour or filling)

Class 2. A Granary Loaf

Class 3. 5 Savoury Biscuits

Class 4. Savoury Pastry Parcel / Parcels

Class 5. A Small Dish of Vegetarian Chilli

Class 6. 5 Flavoured Shortbread Biscuits

Class 7. Honey Cake (Recipe provided on download link)

Class 8. 5 Pieces of your favourite Cooked Tray Bake

Class 9. A Lemon Tart

Class 10. A Trio of Desserts

Class 11. Lime and Coconut Cake (Recipe provided on download link)

Class 12. A “Free from” Bake. Please state what your entry is “Free from”

ONLY MEN ALLOWED (Male-any age)

Class 13. A Bakewell Tart

Class 14. A Flask of Soup

Class 15. 5 Pieces of Chocolate Brownie



Class 16. A Jar of Soft Fruit Jam

Class 17. A Jar of Stoned Fruit Jam

Class 18. A jar of any Preserve containing Alcohol

Class 19. A jar of Tomato Relish

Class 20. A Jar of Chutney

Class 21. A jar of Savoury Jam

Class 22. Any Non - Alcoholic Drink

Class 23. Any Alcoholic Drink Class

Class 24. A Jar of Home-Produced Honey


Calamity Corner: Did it all go wrong? Bring it along anyway with your name in an envelope – you could win a prize for the “Best” calamity!


Only one entry per person per class. Entries in this section can be accepted on the day. They should be set up by 10.15am & removed between 5.00pm & 5.30pm.  Please attach name, age and class number.


PERPETUAL CUP presented by M & A Evans and the late E.L.G. Evans in memory of the late Mary Evans for the best exhibit in the Junior Cookery Section

Present Holder: Maisie Evans

PERPETUAL SILVER CUPS presented by the late Mrs Prudence Williams will be awarded for the most points in each section

JUNIOR TROPHIES donated by Mr & Mrs G Turner, Trawscoed House, Guilsfield

Entry Fee – Free

Prizes 1st £1.50, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p


12-16 years

Present Holder: Sienna Williams

Class 25. An Individual Dessert served in a jar

Class 26. Decorated Gingerbread Bunting

Class 27. A Chocolate Cake

8-11 years

Present Holder: Sophie Owen

Class 28. 5 Fairy Cakes Decorated with different Emojis (Decoration only to be judged)

Class 29. A Mug Cake

Class 30. 3 Cookies


7 years and under

Present Holder: Brooke Griffiths

Class 31. Starting with a bought Swiss Roll, make an edible vehicle

Class 32. Decorated Initial Biscuits (recipe provided on download link)


5 years and under

Present Holder: William Owen

Class 33. 2 Edible Sparklers (See recipe note below)

Class 34. 5 Honey Biscuits (recipe provided on download link)


Edible Sparklers Dip Bread Sticks in Melted Chocolate and then dip into brightly coloured Sprinkles of your choice. Leave to set.