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Dog Show

Entries to:  On the show field from 10am, dog show starts 11am


Rosettes: To 5th in each class

Judge: John Lemon



The dog show is held under Welsh Kennel Club Regulations and the following conditions apply

  • For the purposes of this schedule the term ‘dog’ refers to both dogs and bitches except for classes 12 and 13

  • A dog docked on or after 28 March 2007 may not be entered for exhibition in any class at this show

  • Dogs do not have to be registered at the Kennel Club, but must be full pedigree to enter classes 1-5

  • No puppies under six months allowed.Puppies must be 6-12 months old on the day of the show

  • The decision of the judge is final



Pedigree Classes

  1. A V Puppy (6-12 months)

  2. A V Sporting – gun dogs, hounds and terriers

  3. A V Non Sporting – pastoral, working, toy, utility

  4. A V Open

  5. A V Veteran (7 years and over)

Other Classes

  1. Veteran (7 years and over)

  2. Best Junior Handler (age 5-11 years)

  3. Best Junior Handler (age 12-16 years)

  4. Recycled Junior Handler (over 50 years)

  5. Best six legs

  6. Dog most like it’s handler

  7. Most handsome dog

  8. Prettiest bitch

  9. Best local dog (must live within 3 miles of Guilsfield Church)

  10. Dog with the waggiest tail

  11. Best brace (matching or not)

  12. Best dog handled by a lady

  13. Best dog handled by a gentleman

  14. Any dog entered in class 1-18 who hasn’t won a rosette

The Organisers of this show are required by the Kennel Club to display the following information:

Dogs in Cars on Hot Days

1.  When travelling to the show please consider if the route to the show is on a busy holiday route and leave earlier to avoid increased time in traffic jams.

2.  If your car is not air conditioned please consider whether it is worth travelling to the show is a good idea

3.  The vehicle should be as fully ventilated as possible and plenty of stops should be provided with access to clean, fresh water.

4.  Ensure your dog is not sitting in full sunlight.  There should be plenty of free flowing air around the dog.

5.  When at the show never leave your dog in your car.

6.  Keep your dog in the shade - take a large umbrella if necessary and provide lots of fresh, clean drinking water at all times.

7.  Avoid your dog taking part in unnecessary exertion or from standing in exposed sunlight for any length of time.

Remember, if you feel hot your dog is very likely to feel much hotter and dehydrated which could lead to dire results.  Please look after your dogs' welfare.  If your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

Anyone whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licenced event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met and should not put a dog's health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise.  Breach of Kennel Club Regulations in any respect may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Regulations.

Right to refuse entries:  Exhibitors/competitors are reminded that show societies have the right under Kennel Club regulations to refuse any entry.

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