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Guilsfield Show Presidents

A long standing tradition of Guilsfield Show is that each year Presidents of the Show are elected.  The committee vote on potential candidates who are then invited to take up the role.  A list of the presidents is shown below:

1932-39 Late R Q Wilson Esq

1940-45 No Show-War Years

1946/47 Late Mrs R J Trant

1948 Late Watson Smyth CBE

1949 Late Hon Senator R Davies

1950 Late T Williams Esq OBE

1951 Late Capt R P Turner

1952 Late Miss Bridget A Jackson

1953 Late R W Griffiths Esq

1954 Late R J H Cooke Esq

1955 Late Sir Gerald Trevor CIE

1956 Late Capt E Calcott Pryce OBE

1957 Late Cyril Alderson Esq

1958 Late Rt Hon C Davies PC QC

1959 Late W C Ainge Esq FAI

1960 No Show

1961 Late Mrs J G K Williams

1962 Late J G K Williams Esq

1963 Late J Downes Evans Esq

1964 Late N Bedford Williams Esq

1965 Late Lord Emlyn Hooson QC

1966 Late Ald J E Jones, Dollas

1967 Late Capt L E Brierley

1968 No Show

1969 Late F K Ikin Esq

1970 J W Evans Esq

1971 Late Dr J O Walters

1972 Late A E Edwards Esq

1973 William Williams Wynn

1974 Late Mrs R W Griffiths

1975 Late A R B Pike Esq

1976 Late I F Trant Esq

1977 M J Hutchinson Esq

1978 Late D T Roberts Esq

1979 M J Hutchinson Esq

1980 Late Miss Bridget H Jackson 1981 Delwyn Williams Esq LLB

1982 Late Mrs J G K Williams

1983 Late W R J Everall Esq

1984 Late T Steadman Esq

1985 Late J E Gittins Esq

1986 Late Mrs R J Trant

1987 Late Mrs M O Jones

1988 Late A W Jones Esq

1989 Late G Stringer Esq

1990 J T K Trevor Esq ARICS DL 1991 Mrs G N Little

1992 D Evans Esq MRCVS

1993 Late C Benbow Esq

1994 J S Lee Esq

1995 J W Evans Esq

1996 Late Gilmour Evans Esq

1997 Late P Jones Esq

1998 Lord Alex Carlile QC

1999 Late J T Hughes Esq

2000 John A Jones Esq FRICS

2001 No Show

2002 Late R Powell Esq

2003 Late Mrs J T K Trevor LLB

2004 J Pickstock Esq

2005 I Anderson Esq

2006 D R Jones Esq

2007 D Trant Esq

2008 W Roberts Esq

2009 B Thistlethwaite Esq

2010 T Harding Esq

2011 J Davies Esq FRICS

2012 G Turner Esq

2013 Mrs A Cadwallader

2014 Mr & Mrs T A Jones

2015 Mr & Mrs P A Jones

2016 Late Mr & Mrs G I Jones

2017 Late Mr W & Mrs G Jones

2018 Mr & Mrs C Cooke

2019 Mr and Mrs M Jones

2020 No show

2021 No show

2022 John and Sally Jones

john and sally.jpg

2022 Presidents - John and Sally Jones

maurice and aisla.png

2019 Presidents - Maurice and Aisla Jones

2018 Presidents - Chris and Robin Cooke

2017 Presidents - Wynn and Gwyneth Jones

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