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Poultry and Waterfowl

Due to DEFRA restrictions this section might be cancelled for reasons outside of our control.


This section is sponsored by Maesglyn Egg Company


Entries to: Mr Roy Pryce, Pentre Farm, Folly Lane, Guilsfield, Welshpool, Powys, SY219PZ,

Tel: 07811461070


Entries close Saturday 27th July so cages can be ordered.  No entries on day of show.

Judge:  Chris Millward

Penned by 10.00am for Judging at 10.30am

Entry Fee: Classes 1-14 £1.50 Prizes: 1st £2.00, 2nd £1.00, 3rd 50p

Entry Fee: Classes 15-20 75p Prizes: 1st £1.50, 2nd £1.00, 3rd 50p

Birds to be removed between 5.00pm and 5.30pm


PLEASE DO NOT bring a sick or unwell bird to the show.  Your birds and everyone else’s are at risk.

Any Poultry/Waterfowl found to be unwell or showing signs of illness will be removed. All birds from that exhibitor will be removed.  Please bring food, water & water pot to give to birds after judging.

Perpetual Trophy - “The John Davies Memorial Trophy” will be awarded to the Best Bird in Show

Present Holder: Dave Dart.

Open Classes

Class 1: Any Variety Large Cockerel

Class 2: Any Variety Large Hen

Class 3: Any Variety Bantam Cockerel

Class 4: Any Variety Bantam Hen

Class 5: Any Variety True Bantam

Class 6: Any Variety Heavy Duck or Drake

Class 7: Any Variety Light Duck or Drake

Class 8: Any Colour Runner Duck or Drake

Class 9: Any Variety Bantam or Call Duck or Drake

Class 10: Any Variety Goose or Gander

Class 11: Any variety Turkey male or female

Class 12: Any variety guinea fowl male or female

Junior Classes (16 yrs & under)

Class 13: Any Variety Large Cockerel or Hen

Class 14: Any Variety Bantam Cockerel or Hen

Class 15: “Prettiest” Hen

Class 16: Any Variety Waterfowl


Class 17: 3 Large Brown Eggs

Class 18: 3 Large White Eggs

Class 19: 3 Bantam Brown Eggs

Class 20: 3 Bantam White Eggs

Class 21: 3 Any Other Colour Eggs

Class 22: 3 Waterfowl Eggs