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Guilsfield Show is self funding and relies on the enormous support of our local community and show visitors to continue each year.  Our show costs are covered  by our entrance fees, profit from our social functions and the generous support of our sponsors.  All of our committee members are voluntary and we are also supported by many members of our local community.

In addition, Guilsfield Show aims to raise money for charitable causes each year and part of the Presidents' role is to nominate the charities for that year.  Our 2022 Presidents John and Sally Jones have announced the 2022 show will support the below charities.

LD Logo-06 smaller.jpg

The Lingen Davies Cancer Fund exists to make a positive difference to lives impacted by cancer throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales. Not only does the charity fund additional technology, equipment, support services and resources to benefit patients at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, it also works to raise awareness about cancer and how people can help themselves live well.

The LiveLife Cancer Awareness Service is a free to access mobile service that helps people recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer, understand what to look out for, and where to turn for support and guidance.  Currently one in two people in the UK are impacted by cancer, Lingen Davies Cancer Fund is working to make sure people can access the best facilities, treatment, and support in the local community.


The League of Friends was set up in 1961 and since then has raised in excess of £20 million to improve and maintain an exemplary quality of patient care at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH).


The RJAH is a world class centre of excellence for the treatment and care of orthopaedics. The Friends give essential support for patients, relatives and staff by providing services, organising volunteers, funding equipment, issuing grants and supporting wellbeing for RJAH. From providing toothbrushes to funding an endoscopic surgical kit, we are at the heart of RJAH as a good friend should be.

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